Damien Hobgood’s Catching 100 Waves For Charity

damo-21-hammondsThe waves may not look like this, but we’re sure he wouldn’t mind if they did. Photo: Hammonds

Damien Hobgood is a nice dude.

He’ll chat with strangers at the store, hand out waves in the lineup, he’d probably even walk your dog if you desperately needed him to. That extra level of altruism is what sets a great surfer apart from a great man, and Damo happens to be both.

For instance, on September 17th Damo will be catching at least 100 waves in Mission Beach (he’ll probably want at least 110 for it to be considered a true session) in order to raise money for Boys to Men, which is no longer just a pop sensation, but now also an organization to help lead wayward boys in the right direction in life. Most of these boys are fatherless, and they could all use a helping hand.

Damo will raise money through donations, to which you can contribute here. On top of that, you can lend support by showing up to the event in Mission Beach and (if you are a man) sign up to join the mentoring community, or just stop by and lend moral support.