Damien Hobgood Re-Injures Shoulder


Two days after one of the greatest days, if not the best day, ofcompetitive surfing in history, Billabong Pro runner-up and current ASPequal 2nd in the world Damien Hobgood has announced that he iswithdrawing from the next two ASP WCT events due to the injury sufferedduring the final heat against eventual winner Kelly Slater.

In a competitive fist-to-cuffs with Slater and deep in the tube of whatwould have likely been a perfect 10-point ride, Damien was hitunexpectedly by the full force of a heaving eight-foot Teahupoo lip.The impact was devastating and caused Damien to immediately flag thewater patrol leading to his leaving the water half-way through the heat.

Suffering a shoulder injury that Wednesday was diagnosed through an MRIin California as a tear to muscles in the 4-to-7 o’clock positions ofhis left shoulder, Damien has opted to have sugery done today inSouthern California.

“I was going really fast on that wave and through that section, and thewave just spit out and blinded me,” said Damien. “I couldn’t see whereI was going and thought I might be able to get out through the wave’sdoggie door, but the lip just floored me…I was dragging my left arm inthe face trying to slow down and the lip just hit me full-force leavingmy arm and shoulder open and totally extended.”

The injury is not as severe as the one he experienced to the sameshoulder last fall, but nonetheless requires surgery to properly heal.Doctors have given him an expected recovery time of between 6-to-8weeks.

As a result, Damien will miss the upcoming Globe WCT – Fiji and the Juneevent in Reunion event.

The defending champion of the Globe WCT – Fiji, Damien is especiallydisheartened by the timing of the injury. “Fiji is one of my favoriteplaces on Earth so missing that contest is a bit distressing… My mainsponsor, Globe, has taken over title sponsorship this year so I’m bummedthat I won’t be there to carry the Globe flag but you can bet I’ll bethere in spirit.”

Following a successful rehabilitation, Damien expects to re-join hispeers at one of his historically strongest venues, the mid-July WCTevent at Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.