Dane Gudauskas: Norwegian Surf Coach – It’s as if Vince Lombardi got tremendously high

It's as if Vince Lombardi got tremendously high

During the parade of nations at the 2015 Vissla ISA World Juniors in Oceanside, Dane Gudauskas was spotted in full regalia of a viking. We figured maybe it was a new direction for the Positive Vibe Warrior clothing line - what better place to reveal it than a parade? But, upon further inspection, it became apparent that Dane volunteered his years of competitive experience to the National Surf Team Of Norway.

"After traveling through all parts of Norway in search of waves over the past few years, I had the chance to meet some incredible people, and a young generation of Viking shredders who are excited about surfing in their home country," Dane posted on his Instagram after the opening ceremonies. With Dane's expertise on how to pick corners in Oceanside's variable conditions, team representatives Rolf Brusso and pals may be able to pillage a medal from the stacked list of competitors.

While this is the first time Dane has been the coach of anything, we think that his infectious positive spirit might spur those so-called viking shredders to an inspiring performance. But regardless of that, two things are for certain:

1) Dane Gudauskas makes a great viking.
2) The Norwegian surf team will be loving the El Nino water temps currently on offer.

--Jake Tellkamp