Surfing For Dean

"Always remember that none of us — none of us — would be here without Dean Randazzo."

That was NJ pro Jason Reagan's two-fisted toast after Randazzo won his second Grudge Match last October. Now it's time for every Jersey surfer to pay the Garden State Godfather back.

Already revered as the only Jersey boy to ever qualify for the WCT, Randazzo's respect-level grew to the point of reverence in recent years by going under three cancer treatments for Hodgkin's disease -- all while doing and winning more contests than any of his cohorts. Unfortunately, Dean found out a month ago his last stem-cell transplant didn't take, forcing him to begin chemotherapy again. While Dean's home is in New Jersey with his fiance, Barbara, and new baby Dean Jr., his {{{insurance}}} is in California, so he must fly west for treatments and check-ups. Last week, he returned so sick they had to rush him to the hospital on Friday. He'll stay there until he's well enough to fly back to San Diego for another stem cell transplant.

"I just got back from the hospital and it's a real f–kin’ bummer," says lifelong friend and AC Pro/Am director Nick Bricker. "But he's in great spirits. Dean's a f—kin' warrior. As he says, "I've beat it before, I'll beat it again. It's gonna take more than cancer to take me out."

In the meantime, Randazzo faces not only extra medical bills, but the prospect of maintaining both his NJ home and a So Cal apartment for six months, all while supporting his family, all without being able to surf events - a primary source of his income. So, since Dean can't compete, Jersey's just gonna have to do it for him.

On Feb. 9, Bricker's running a benefit contest at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ. A $20 donation buys a spot in one of the three divisions - Open Shortboard, Open Longboard, and Open Women - possibly a pro bracket, as well. Immediately following the event, there will be a fundraiser at the Crab's Claw in Lavallette, owned and operated by Sam Hammer's family, for competitors and non-competitors alike. $10 gets you in the door, where a raffle buys a shot at surf product, pro-signed boards - the works.

"We don't' need to raise millions," says Bricker, "Just enough to get him through the next six months."

Even if you don't live in Jersey, you can help the cause by donating cash or raffle prizes. (Contact Nick at or simply use the address below.) And if you do live in Jersey, be prepared to put on a jersey. As Hammer says, " I'm gonna harass every little kid I know to enter this thing. I don't think they realize just how much Dean's done for surfing around here."

Come Feb. 9, they will.

For more on Dean and his story, check out to the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation website ( And while you're there, send him a shout of support.

Send product and donations to:
Nick Bricker
15 Stanhope Road
Marmora, NJ 08223