When Tinseltown meets DogtownQS Hawaiian surfer Cheyne Magnusson talks about his experience with filming the new movie Lords of Dogtown.

Top WQS Hawaiian surfer Cheyne Magnusson was just a hop, skip and a jump away from boarding his plane to Brazil for a 5 star 'QS contest when we caught him. If you've gone to check out the recent flick Lords of Dogtown already, you might have seen him ripping it up as Jim "Red Dog" Muir on the silver screen. Here's an inside look at a professional surfer's experience in the dog-eat-dog world of Tinseltown:

SURFING Magazine: So now that you're a big-time movie star do you still have a moment to talk with surf mags?

Cheyne Magnusson: Maybe, but keep it short. No, just kidding. What's up?

SURFING: How did this all come about? Like, how'd you hear about the part?

Cheyne: Jim ("Red Dog") called me up and said he wanted me to play his part. My dad knew him and saw him at a trade show and Jim was like, "Oh dude, that's your son? He has red hair. Can he skate?" and my dad's like, "Yeah," and Jim's like, "Tell him to come play my part." It kinda just happened like that. It all clicked together real fast. It only took a week and then all of a sudden I was in a movie.

SURFING: So did you and Jim kick it for a bit when you started filming?

Cheyne: Yeah, I stayed with him for most of the production actually in Venice. It was pretty sick. He took me surfing at Venice breakwater and {{{Malibu}}}. When we were in Venice everyone thought that I was his kid and that I got really tall. They were like, "Dude your kid got huge!" And he was like, "No, this is the guy playing me."

SURFING: Did you have to go through any training for the old-school skate moves and style?

Cheyne: Um, not really 'cause they kinda like just tried to surf on their skateboards and they didn't have real surf style, and when I skate I have that anyways 'cause all I do is surf. But since I know how to skate it kinda, like, just crosses over to exactly the way skated just naturally.

SURFING: So did you guys get some boards to mess around on before shooting?

Cheyne: Yeah, they gave us a training board and I had it for three days and then that was it. Then we went straight into filming. [laughs]

SURFING: How about acting, any training in that?

Cheyne: We would just hang out with all the other main actors, so it was kinda like I didn't have too many lines in the movie, and whenever I did have one it was kinda just reacting to what they were doing. And it came kinda natural. I mean I had to audition and read lines for it and stuff though.

SURFING: Tell me about the shooting process.

Cheyne: Oh dude, it took forever. It was like three months, but that was pretty cool because the longer it took the more I got paid. But for the night scenes we had to stay up all night. Like, if your call time was five in the afternoon you're there until five in the morning. And just one night scene takes around three nights to shoot, just one stupid little scene.

SURFING: So how did you do the free-skate and pool scenes?

Cheyne: All we did for that was skate with Lance Mountain, he's a pretty legendary skater. He would just follow us in the pool and then we'd pretty much just have a free session for a little while, a couple hours, and then take a break and session it again. That's where they got all the skating from. It wasn't really that choreographed at all.

SURFING: Pretty much then, you got paid to make a movie where you have free skate sessions in a pool?

Cheyne: [Laughs] Pretty much. It was sick. And then there was, like, a buffet there all the time, because they had it catered.

SURFING: Any stories from filming?

Cheyne: I ate shit a bunch in the pool. Hopefully they have an eat-shit feature on the DVD, because that'll be my favorite part.

SURFING: How was it with all the cameramen on the set that didn't skate?

Cheyne: It was trippy. The cameramen didn't really understand. You know how in Hollywood they're, like, we want you to do this exact thing right here. And we're, like, no we can't do that there. You just gotta film it. The whole thing's more spontaneous and they didn't really understand that. But they got it by the end, because we would just keep skating when they told us not to skate.

SURFING: What was it like for you when the movie came out?

Cheyne: It was a trip, man. I couldn't really watch it like a regular movie, 'cause I was in it and I know everything that was going on behind the scenes during it, so it's kinda trippy. You don't really see it as a normal movie, because it's weird seeing yourself up there. It's embarrassing.

SURFING: Compared to the old Dog Town documentary, what aspects of the movie did you like better than the documentary and on what aspects did the movie fall short?

Cheyne: I kinda like that the movie explained the story in detail from beginning to end, so that you understand how everyone sold out and all that stuff. But I didn't like the fact that they didn't focus more on the style and skating. They focused more on the drama of sponsorship changes and the pressure kids went through. I kinda wish they had more of an eye on style and more skating in the movie. The pool skating-montages are so quick you don't really get to see any of the good skating, because those guys were ripping and they didn't show too much of it.