In The Name Of Don-O

Dane Reynolds pays his respects.

In December of 1995, respected California pro Donnie Solomon caught the best wave of his life at Waimea Bay. Shortly after, he died, getting sucked over the falls by a massive set.

But since Solomon's tragic death, he continues to give back - a testament to the positively infectious character he was. Held every year, the Donnie Solomon Memorial event is a way to gather the "Friends of Donnie" and have a surf-off at one of Solomon's main haunts, "Pipe" in Ventura. More importantly, it's a way to continue the good deeds Donnie started before his passing - helping the Red Cross with funds and spreading awareness. Now in its 12th year, the Donnie Solomon Memorial has raised close to ${{{100}}},000 for the Red Cross through raffles and donations.

This year was no different, as a crew of Donnie well-wishers and admirers assembled at Pipe a couple of weeks ago (sorry, we never called it "C-Street" when Don-O was around) and surfed for Don-O. Kent Doonan played Friday night's pre-event celebration, where they raised close to six grand for the Red Cross. Then the guys like Sean Hayes, Keoni Cuccia, Cory Arrambide and Dane Reynolds put on a shred-fest for the crowd. Somewhere up there, Don-O was smiling.

Special thanks to the Drummy family for continuing to make this event a reality.


1. Cory Arrimbide
2. Kilian Garland
3. Danny Estes
4. Keoni Cuccia

Friends of Donnie
1. Chad Eastman
2. Kent Nishiya
3. JJ Green
4. Sean O’Toole
5. Cory Pierce
6. Brody Stevens

To donate to the Red Cross or volunteer, visit

Pro am winners (l to r): Danny Estes, Cory Arrambide, Kilian Garland, Keoni Cuccia.