Down, But Definitely Not Out

LineupNowPhoto: Hammonds

The morning started out with a still, “It’s a beautiful new day” type of feeling. Maybe it was the jet lag finally wearing off, or maybe it was the warm welcome of this Southerly flow. The air was a friendly 80 degrees, the conditions pristine, and unfortunately, the Superbank had not yet come alive. Ever seen a flawless one foot wave? Because I saw like seventy today.

jack shermJack Freestone keeping loose and spruced before his main stage debut. Photo: Sherm

Kelly_1Guess who showed? Kelly Slater, fresh off the plane. Photo: Hammonds

But the lack of swell didn’t stop everyone from fitting in a few warm-up sessions. Snapper was packed to the brim with grinders, the bank at Greenmount was absolutely perfect, and D-Bah looked like the best Huntington Beach you’ve ever seen. But the best surfers in the world didn’t come here to grovel.

CrewsyBMitch Crews, suspended in his own little slice of paradise. Photo: Hammonds

MitchCMitch Coleborn, a short ride away from the contest. A long way away from any complaints. Photo: Hammonds

The coming days look more promising, with clean conditions continuing as well as a few little pulses of swell. Check back first thing tomorrow as we could see the start of the 2016 WSL season. –Dayton Silva