Dragon Announces Miss Mansfield Finalists

Dragon found themselves in a pickle a few months back. They had crafted a fresh pair of shades to share with the world, but they needed a face to fit them. The sunglasses were named The Mansfield after Jayne Mansfield, the '60s sex icon with medallion blonde hair and a body that could make even a priest faint. The face for The Mansfield could be nothing less than perfect. And so Dragon held an open audition on Instagram in pursuit of flawless women. They were looking for Miss Mansfield.

It's been a long road, but like many lengthy drives, the scenery has been astounding. Who could've guessed that there are so many beautiful girls out there? The charming path has lead the Miss Mansfield search to a junction with eight angelic finalists. But cruel is competition and ten of these girls are not Miss Mansfield. One, however, is. And you have to tell us who.

You can vote here. As if a fairytale, Miss Mansfield's likeness will teleport from Instagram pixels to printed ink. She will truly be the face of The Mansfield sunglasses, even appearing in an ad in SURFING Magazine. As an additional part of her prize, Miss Mansfield will get to live a day in the life of a Dragon Girl. We're not entirely sure what a Dragon Girl is, but we'd surmise she's a mix of Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and Jayne Mansfield. And that sounds sexy.—SURFING Magazine