The Governor vetoed the worst parts of the bill. Victory!! Update coming soon.

It may not have the biggest or best waves, but few places have cleaner beaches than the Mid-Atlantic — at least for now. A bill is currently before Virginia Governor Tim Kaine that would open its coastline to offshore oil and gas exploration. This is a law that could not only stain Virginia's beaches - literally - but surrounding breaks along the Outer Banks, Maryland and Delaware, as well as pave the way for future laws in other states nation wide.

Governor Tim Kaine makes his decision on Monday, so please CLICK THIS LINK and send a message that we will not allow state governments to risk polluting our waters in search of fossil fuels.

If you live anywhere on the East Coast, act now to protect some of our best and punchiest surf, and most pristine beaches. If you don’t, please help make sure more surf breaks don’t suffer at the hands of “progress.” It ain’t Trestles, but this law could affect thousands more surfers than Lowers could ever hold — even on a sunny Saturday afternoon.