Bros Of Summer

Astronomers know summer's ended by the autumnal equinox – the date when day and night are approximately the same length. East Coasters know it's ended when the last surf industry RV shuts its doors and drives off into the sunset.

Every year, from June to September, alll the big companies' bros and pros swarm the Atlantic Seaboard to stoke out groms with contests, product and movie premieres. But when Volcom and Hurley complete their final events this Sept. 22 on the Outer Banks, fall will officially begin and the free schwag and goofy shenanigans will disappear like tourists, lifeguards and all that replenished sand. At least the memories will last a lifetime.

"It is hard to say who has the most fun with these things — the kids, the parents, or us," says Hurley's' Saxon Boucher. "We can't wait to see you all again soon."

Actually, Saxon, we say "see y'all again, soon." But, don't worry: you've got 'til next summer to work on your accent. In the meantime, here's what happened in '07.

KEN HUNT, BILLABONG "TRILOGY" PREMIERE TOUR:"The Trilogy tour went nuts in my neck of the woods. In VB we had Donovan Frankenreiter play at Peabody’s. The place was packed with over 800 people — including every shop owner and reps from every company — the usual debauchery and mad giveaways. The next day we dropped Dono off at the airport and then Jeff Booth and I did the bloodshot eye tour down to Wrightsville, which coincided with the Billabong Wahine East Coast Classic. The showing of the movie was an outdoor venue at the Park in Wrightsville Beach, catered by Tower 7. We had a little over {{{600}}} kids show up and gave away one of Taj’s surfboards to the kid who could hold their legs 6 inches off the ground the longest. It just so happened that one of our own little girl team riders Keenan Lineback beat out all the boys for the board."

DYLAN SLATER, RIP CURL GROM SEARCH:"We went from Nags Head, NC to Seaside Park, NJ, then we hopped a plane to New Smyrna Inlet, FL for 10 days and three stops. We almost couldn’t have the Florida event because New Smyrna Inlet is a designated turtle-breeding ground, and the morning of the event, an egg was discovered. Once, the area was roped off by the beach rangers, it was game on. But I'd say the best was the Outer Banks: we had great waves, amazing weather, insane talent, and a solid vibe. Kids were driving from all over to make this one, so all the groms were super committed. At the end of the series Michael Dunphy, Tommy Ihnken, and Oliver Kurtz— all winners of the Boys 16/under divisions — each walked away with a brand new Boost Cell phone, an all-expenses paid trip to the Boost Mobile Pro at Lower Trestles with VIP treatment, and a ridiculous amount of prizes."

MATT KECHELE, QUIKSILVER "YOUNG GUNS" TOUR:"We did our run late summer, going from Rhode Island to Puerto Rico, including Virginia Beach, Satellite Beach and Miami. The record breaker was Da Kine Diego's in Satellite Beach, which drew 450 people. We gave out a lot of Kommunity product, and one kid won a used Dane Reynolds board in an arm wrestling contest. Clay Marzo, Julian Wilson and Ry Craike came along and caught some waves in Puerto Rico where Marzo shocked the Aviones locals with his aerial antics. The rest of us had to make do with Todd Kline's stand-up paddleboard performance in Rhode Island."

MIKE GUARINO, VOLCOM EAST COAST TIE-DYE FLY BY: :"We're still going, but so far LBI, NJ's been the best. We parked the big rig right across the street in front of Faria's Surf Shop. We set up the BBQ, started grilling and the kids poured in. It was like watching ‘Lord of the Flies.’ There were kids stuffing burgers and dogs, hucking water balloons, throwing darts for promo, and getting blasted in the face with cream pies. Then we jetted north to Spellbinders surf shop in Allenhurst. We fired the BBQ, tossed some free things, and INBRED began rockin’. People old and young came through as passers-by, and looked on in bewilderment. The sun started dippin’ and all the Volcom athletes including Mike Gleason, Billy Hume, Jake Kirschenbaum, Blake Jones, Nick Suhadolnik, Sarah Hoffert, Daniel Shea, Thomas Clarke, Sean Poynter, Nick Rupp and Ryan Burch signed some autographs. Nihilist came on and nearly collapsed the surrounding buildings. At the end of their set, just when we were boiling with intensity, we coaxed one of the cops to drive up his car with lights flashing, and beam his spotlight on Sean Elg, the drummer, as he destroyed an encore drum solo. It was friggin’ ridiculous! Our faces were melted and it was by far, the best shop promo we’ve ever seen. Kudos to the Allenhurst police officers; I never knew cops were that cool."

JASON MOTES, SURFTECH EAST COAST TECH TOUR: :"We started in Virginia Beach, then did Nags Head , Atlantic Beach and Wrightsville Beach, NC, followed by a whole Florida run: Jacksonville, New Smyrna, Cocoa Beach, Sebastian Inlet, Lake Worth and Stuart. New Smyrna had the best waves by far: fun shoulder-high clean surf. And a ton of people showed for the demo, even some well known pros. I can't print their names because it might conflict with their board companies but we actually hooked up one of them with a couple TL2s. But my favorite stop, personally, was the Outer Banks. I went down to Buxton on a whim and ended up sticking around for eight days. Normally, the park service normally won't let you do anything. But, because it wasn't advertised, I did two demos at the Lighthouse in fun waist-high waves and had a ball."

SAXON BOUCHER, HURLEY'S RIP MY SHREDSTICK: :"The Rip My Shred Stick ’07 Tour started in Puerto Rico, then over to Sebastian Inlet and St Augustine, up to Virginia Beach and New Jersey and ending with some crazy weather in New York. The events are full of fun, from having the likes of Rob Machado, Timmy Curran, Brett Simpson, Asher Nolan and Aamion Goodwin pushing the kids into waves and letting them ride their personal surfboards. We had a great turnout everywhere, but the Inlet produces the biggest crowd by far. As in years past we were overwhelmed by the amount of entrants and A surprising summer swell. All the kids get a prize pack filled with goodies from Hurley, Nike 6.0, Surfline. The 6 finalists get a variety of prizes including Nixon watches and even a surfboard for the winner, After the day at the beach the kids stuff their bellies and watch a video and slide show of themselves ripping from the day's event, all the while getting advice and hanging with their heroes."