2005 ESA Easterns Surfing Championships Pushed Back One Day

CAN’T REASON WITH HURRICANE SEASONESA pushes back ESA start by one day because of Ophelia

As of noon, Thursday, Sept. 15, the ESA has decided to push back thestart of the 2005 Easterns to Monday, September 19. Adult divisionheats will begin as listed on Monday, Sept. 19 PENDING re-entry accessto HatterasIsland and positive advisement from the Park Service after the storm. Wewill not know the exact status of non-resident re-entry to HatterasIsland until Friday morning. Please continue to monitor the DareCounty Emergency Management website(http://www.darenc.com/EmgyMgmt/Alert/index.asp) and the ESA website(www.surfesa.org)for updates on Friday, or call 1-866-surfESA.

The ESA Board meeting will now be pushed back one day to Sunday, Sept.18.

The Globe Party is still scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 20.The Rip Curl Grom Pizza Party may be pushed back to Thursday, Sept. 22

Of course, all of this is speculative at this point, until after thestorm passes out to sea and we get an actual assessment of flooding ordamage to Hwy 12. So please continue to monitor the ESA website homepage and the Dare County Emergency Management website.