Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Waiting Period Begins

The Eddie Ceremony always manages to conjure a certain level of North Shore magic. Kahu Billy Mitchell's soulful homily and traditional Hawaiian chanting and dancing amongst the pillars of big wave surfing -- both boards and riders. The shared memories of legendary big wave rider Eddie Aikau mingling amidst the circle. Legends like Titus Kinimaka and Clyde Aikau standing side-by-side with the new breed following in their footsteps: Mark Healey, Jamie {{{Sterling}}}, and Greg Long. Bruce Irons, Shane Dorian and Ross Clarke Jones bridging the gap. A light rain began to fall as he finishes (in Hawaii, that's considered a blessing; liquid sunshine). The surfers paddled out and form a circle at Waimea, and just as they concluded their solemn, prayerful ceremony, a random set appears out of nowhere and they all ride it to shore together. Powerful stuff, regardless of all the posed photo ops, predictable interviews and a live web-cast on the nearby inflatable jumbo-tron screen. Let's call it "stuffed pig" - both traditional and fattening, but undeniably tasty stuff. After watching this year's ceremony, you can't help but feel the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikua Big Wave Invitational event just has to run this year... but it seems like we feel that way every year. Either way, there's a solid swell forecast for the weekend, and more storms stacked up through next week. You just gotta believe.