Electric Signs Mark Healey

Mark Healey Signs With Electric

If Richie Cunningham stopped trying to cut in on the Fonzʼs attempts to woo pre-pubescent teens and instead picked up a spear gun, strapped on a coconut size pair of cojones, dived 100ft down and shot a giant sea monster then he would no longer be Richie Cunningham… He would be Mark Healey, the classic All-American Haole.

Hawaiian mythology states that Healey was either hatched from a coconut or was the love child of King Neptune himself! Growing up on Hawaiiʼs infamous North Shore has given Healey the opportunity to conquer the rugged island lifestyle. Mark is more than comfortable screaming through the belly of a Pipe beast, free falling down the face of a Waimea mountain or charging any of Hawaiiʼs mystic outer reefs. When heʼs not paddling into monsters, Mark can be found below the surface petting them. For those who donʼt know, Healeyʼs under water exploits have reached legendary status. Healeyʼs comfort level in and under the ocean encourages him to go bigger and deeper than most. A modern Hemingway, a hunter, an adventurer, a manʼs man, a ladyʼs man.

Mark Healeyʼs adventurous lifestyle makes him the perfect face and spokesman of Electricʼs polarized program. We are extremely proud to work with such an accomplished athlete and world class waterman.

"Iʼm really excited to be waving the banner for Electric. They have a really creative, fun loving, ballsy approach that I think meshes well with what Iʼm all about. Iʼm looking forward to stirring the pot with them!" – Mark Healey