We love our magazines. But the world of print is changing every day. And between blogs, websites, online videos and PDA devices…there are those who believe the medium of print magazines may someday disappear entirely. But look at it this way: when music changed from vinyl to tapes to DVD to digital, did rock and roll disappear? The medium may change, but great content just evolves and continues.

No, no, don't panic. SURFING Magazine isn't going anywhere. In fact, right now a subscription to SURFING is only $8 — can you believe that? Twelve issues delivered to your doorstep for less than you paid for lunch today. That's crazy. But I live on the other side of the globe. When a new issue of SURFING Magazine finally does arrive here, it costs around $15 an issue. And it's not even the latest one. Insane!

So my friend just pointed out this website called ZINIO.COM where I can download SURFING directly off the Interweb (the site has hundreds of magazines there, but who cares about them). It's exactly like the normal mag (ads and all), and you flip it though page by page, either online, or downloaded. There's no spine separating the big spread photos and you can zoom in to read the fine print, but it is a bit harder to read on the shitter, or to roll up and swat flies with.

Personally, I still love the awesome physicality of a good ol' paper magazines — especially when it arrives right at my door for almost free. However, since that doesn't happen to me anymore, I'm subscribing to SURFING on this site and going digital (I also ordered "Czechoslovakian Maxim" — bonus!). Evolution, baby. It's scary stuff, but it's happening one way or the other.

US citizens, enjoy your subscriptions.
Foreign ex-pats, international surfers, and chronic digital geeks, check out this website: www.Zinio.com

(A year's subscription to SURFING on this site is just $6. Not bad. Plus you can order back-issues anytime you want.)