Email From Bali

These emails periodically come in from SURFING’s Bali correspondent, Nathan Myers, updating us on the island’s who/what/why du jour. They make for good reading and are really quite informative. Below is the latest from our inbox.

No worries… Just trying to put some stuff in the bank for future issues.

Things going on around here…

  • Flynn Novak stuck two flips yesterday at Ulus. He's getting 'em dialed.
  • Jamie-O is hanging around waiting to back up his Padang title.
  • The NYC indie rockers We Are Scientists just played at Deus café…good Sounds band maybe.
  • Vic Pakpour is cruising with a flock of B-Bong groms: Creed McTaggart, etc…damn kids talk so much in the lineup.
  • Hawaiian Tony Moniz is here with his FIVE Billabong-sponsored groms. Ho, brah. We talked on the beach — plenny aloha.
  • Dane's chilling. Not sure what or why. Probably neither is he.
  • Ando's around…Round 2 on his signature boardie shoot (guess first one didn't work out or something).
  • Shaun Canns is filming stuff…so cute.
  • Jarrad Howse is with him. He might live here. I'm not sure.
  • Luke Stedman and his model/girlfriend Fa are giving tattoos for Tacos and Tattoos Tuesday in Canggu. Free tattoos. Everyone's doing it. Are those things permanent or what?
  • Dane Ward grew a big-ass beard…probably because he's staying in a house full of 12-year-olds.
  • Chris Ward is here…well, actually he's in Sumbawa, but don't tell him that's not Bali. He seems happy.
  • Mikala keeps nailing tail-mount shots…someone will run one someday, he's sure of it.
  • Jimmy Kinnaird is the most interesting filmmaker around right now…people will realize that soon.
  • Saw Balaram Stack…but didn't know it till I was reading Rolling Stone mag this morning. Did you know he's from New York? A-mazing! Who knew there were waves in New York?
  • Josh Hoyer just uploaded the weirdest Innersection I've ever seen. Loved it. People will hate it.
  • Rip Curl's Pete Matthews abducted three 10-year-olds from Lakeys back to Bali ’cause they were ripping. This is what it's come to. They seem happy.
  • Roy Powers and Betet would start a band if either of them played an instrument.
  • Ryan Turner and Travis Potter are here. But they wish they weren't. Bali is Dana Point.
  • Alex Smith is working with two young filmmakers, Dan-n-Dune, doing weirdyweird filming stuff. Clever kids.

…and everyone says it's been PUMPING in Australia. I heard Fiji was alright, too. I'd smoke a cigar but it's raining. In July. And I hate cigars.

Anyway. I'm here.