Entrants Say the Darndest Things

Google Earth Challenge

"I think I found it!!!"

"If this spot doesn't get your blood pumping to surf you guys are either dead or jaded as hell."

"Fickle, hard to get to and surrounded by natives. But when it's on…it's going to be on."

"To this day, not many people, if any, can step foot on this island. Why you ask? The natives will more than likely kill you. But with a setup like this one, it's almost worth it! Can’t we all just get along?"

"Gonna call the spot "Landmines" due to the amount of unexploded landmines located along the coast."

"You stand upright deep inside a warm watery womb of sorts, all alone… You paddle back out to the peak and don't have to wait for anyone for the next set wave, but kind of wish your brother or friend was out…"

"Why we should go?
• No bears (less liability!)
• Contrary to what you might think, the weather can be mild
• Possible mystery spot shrouded by clouds
• Hot springs (yeah… I know!)
• Incredible beauty
• Volcanos
• Possible crop circle investigation close by!"

"While most violent crime occurs between locals, foreigners are frequently targeted as well."

"Not sure I would like to surf it, but it looks good."

"It would be called "Angel’s Peak" because the wave is so secluded that only angels have ridden it."

Yep. The Google Earth Challenge. These were just a few of our favorite quotes from frothing entrants. And we thank you for them. With stoke like that and a good screenshot, one of these landmine-braving, volcano-watching, womb-surfing explorers just might be the one to win. Somebody will…and soon.

The contest ends March 31st, so get those entries in! You know the rules, or refresh yourself here. Be the one to find that treasure. Be the one to surf with angels.