Eastern Surf Magazine Premieres Their New Video: Alway’s Right In New York

ESM’s Always Right Premiere Is Right On Time

New York- It was fitting that the world premiere of Always Right was held on the corner of Bleecker and Bowery on Manhattan's Lower East Side. That infamous intersection is the birthplace of punk rock and the American D.I.Y. work ethic, the CBGB's.

But late last Thursday night, it was across the street at 316 Bowery, inside Mannahatta, where history was really being made.

There have been plenty of surf films done about the East Coast before, but nothing truly comprehensive and all-inclusive, which is exactly was Always Right is. Shot by legions of videographers, directed by ESM Editor Matt Pruett, and produced by ESM co-owners Tom Dugan and Dick Meseroll along with New York-based NON Productions’ Mike Nelson and Brian Walsh, the film and the turnout were worthy enough to be remembered by those in attendance long after the Red Bull and vodka hangovers wore off.

Besides a pro contest or the bar at the Calypso Caf in Rincon, it's nearly impossible to get the NYC, Long Beach, and Jersey crews in the same room at the same time, and with great pleasure I am pleased to say that no bones were broken or egos battered. Attendees included Always Right scene stealer Sam Hammer and fellow Jersey co-stars Mike Gleason, Matt Keenan, and Keith Noonan, not to mention New York heavies Dave Juan and Balaram Stack. NYC artist/ bar owner/ man about town Pat Conlon even made a cameo as did Rolling Stone's Austin Scaggs.

Thanks to the limitless booze and the amazingly hot and eclectic soundtrack, the energy was palpable in the two level club, where it was five deep at the bar and shoulder to shoulder by the huge screens.

Hooting and hollering started as soon as the screen came alive with, of course, the biggest shout outs coming from the hometown crews once their respective spots and top riders appeared on screen. "It was unreal, really well done," said a proud Sam Hammer.

"I thought this was a skateboarding movie," joked one inebriated {{{New Yorker}}}, who wished to remain anonymous. "Ok, o.k., I now believe they get surf in Jersey, and that they don't sit around listening to Springsteen all day eating pizza. Now all they have to do is see that Billy Joel rules and they'll see the light."

"I think the Cali guys are going to be shocked to see that it gets that good here," he continued. "But you know what? Let them keep thinking it stinks out here, because we've done well without them. Just have them ask Slater," he laughed, walking headlong into a cold autumn night.

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