Why Dont They Just GIVE Us The Trophy?

The Regularfoot team is ready to dominate the Goofies in Etnies Goofy vs. Regular Surf Contest this weekend in Oceanside

It's not a rumor. It's not hype. It's pure scientific fact: Regularfooters are better than goofyfooters at surfing. In fact, they've dominated for so long they've been referred to as "the natural stance." And this weekend, at the Etnies Regular vs. Goofy contest at Oceanside pier, regularfooters will finally be able to put the discussion to rest once and for all. As if they haven't already (See chart below). Led by SURFING Magazine's own Editor in Chief, Evan Slater, the regularfooters will be doing battle with an "A" team roster that includes Ratboy, Cheyne Magnusson (pictured above), Kieren Horn, Adam Virs and former world champ Sunny Garcia, all set to crush anything with a right foot in their wax. With a massive collision expected in the Pacific between solid Northwest and Southwest groundswells, coupled with probable offshore conditions, it's looking like 8-foot teepees will be pitched all over the place in O'side for the comp, creating the perfect battlefield for the war between natural vs. awkward –– or goofy as some put it.

Oh, and for all you betting types out there, we've put together an interesting set of statistics, which you might find useful before going down and laying your money down on just any stance:

-Regularfoots have won 24 World Titles to the goofyfooters 8.

-Since 1992 Regularfooters have dominated at the Pipeline Masters with 13 Pipe Titles to the goofyfooters two. (Come on, guys, it's a left!)

-Nine out of the current top 10 on the WQS are regularfoots.

-The current top five on the Fosters ASP World Tour are all Regularfoots.

-Six out of the eight events run on the ASP World Tour this year have been won by regularfoots.

So, get thee to a bookie quick. This could be the easiest money you make all year. Put it all on blue, Regularfoot domination across the board in this one.

Adam Virs

Jason Collins

Kieren Horn

Sunny Garcia

For the complete starting lineups and all the info on the GvR contest this weekend visit www.GVR.EtniesSurf.com