Team Surfing Magazine Wins Again

Team Regular Claims First etnies GvR of Surf Title!

Sebastian Zietz (pictured above) Takes First and Regular Team MVP

We’re sure it’s no surprise to you that the regularfoots (and SURFING Magazine) proved its dominance once again when it won the Etnies GvR event yeaterday in flawless, literally smoking conditions at Oceanside Pier. Like we said in our preclaim, naturals have been dominating since Day One, from pioneers (Duke surfed with his left fot forward), to world title count (23-8) to current top 5 (all regulars) to future top 2 (Reynolds and Jordy Smith).

But what may surprise you is how we won. Despite having a starting lineup that included a world champion (Sunny Garcia), an airshow champion (Ratboy), a Coldwater Classic Champion (Kieren Horn), a Macy’s Trifecta Champion (Adam Virs) and a Maui shred king (Cheyne Magnusson), it turned out we got the biggest firepower from our reserves — the team members who made it through Saturday’s qualifying rounds. Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz — a trippy, free-spirited kid from Kauai who surfs like Bruce Irons reincarnate — went nuts in the final quarter, threading through long, open drainers and racked up the highest wave score of the round. Right behind him, Aussie battler Jay “Bottle” Thompson, currently no. 6 on the WQS, found a few “sick pits” of his own and logged a 7.4 for an A-frame, pig-dog that his boss, Heath “Nutty” Walker claimed looked “like Pipe.”. Those waves — along with Toby Martin’s nails performance and Austin Ware’s clutch 7, proved to be more than enough to spank the demoralized Transworld goofy squad — which included solid dudes like Timmy Curran and Mike Losness — and send Coach Cote back to the drawing board. “OK, guys, I admit it. You totally rule us — even on our home turf!” said Cote. (At least we think he said something like that. OK, maybe he didn’t.)

Regardless, the event itself was the perfect format for a good, friendly rivalry. Two coaches from competing magazines — one representing regularfoots and one representing the goofies — assemble a starting five, bond them with the qualifiers, and go head-to-head in a looser, game-style format. It appeared to be enough of a motivating force as both teams stayed on til the very end, heckling the other squad and hooting for their teammates.

The money helped, too. Fifty grand went out to the competitors (not the coaches), including 8 grand to the regularfoot MVP, Seabass. “Whoa, cool,” he said as Virs pushed him into the hot tub with his clothes on.

All of this, combined with dreamy combo-swell conditions, solid play-by-play from {{{GT}}} and Ryan Simmons, and all around good vibes, and you have start of a rivalry that could reach Slater vs. Irons proportions. Which, by the way, are two more reasons why regularfoots will always rule.

GvR Results:
Total Weekend Prize Purse - $50,000

Regular Team:
1. Team MVP Sebastian Zietz - $8,000
2. Jay Thompson - $4,500
3. Austin Ware — $2,000
4. Toby Martin - $1,500
5. * Cheyne Magnusson - $2,500
6. * Ratboy - $2,000
7. * Kieren Horn - $2,000
8. Chris Waring - $1,000
9. Noi Kaulukakui - $1,000
10. * Adam Virs - $2,000
11. Brandon Guilmette - $1,000
12. Jason Bennet - $1,000
13. * Sunny Garcia - $2,000
14. Kyle Knox - $1,000
15. Sean Marceron - $1,000

Goofy Team:
1. * Timmy Curran - $2,000
2. * Cory Arrambide - $2,000
3. * Mike Losness - $2,000
4. * Mike Todd - $2,000
5. * Tonino Benson - $2,000
6. Travis Mellem - $750
7. Eric Snortum - $750
8. Ricky Whitlock - $750
9. Matt Keenan - $750
10. Dylan Slater - $750
11. Josh Buran - $750
12. Jeremy Heit - $750
13. Ryan Carlson - $750
14. Kai Barger - $750
15. Jesse Merle Jones - $750

The * symbolizes the five riders selected by the team captain for the final team. Each of these team riders received an automatic $1,000 going into the finals.

After the etnies GvR of Surf qualifiers on Saturday, MxPx played a free show next to the Oceanside Pier. Surfers and Oceanside locals gathered to hear MxPx's fast-paced punk rock songs.

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