IMG_7516.JPGThe wave that caused Evan’s incident, as seen on the back of Trevor Moran’s camera.

Thirty minutes ago, Evan Geiselman packed a Pipe bomb from second reef and stood tall. The wave bottomed out and ran into the shallow end section, and when it closed out, Evan failed to surface.

A second wave rolled through the lineup, and then a third. No Evan. Fortunately, bodyboarder Andre Botha had just caught a wave and had the presence of mind to notice Evan was in trouble. He found Evan, pulled him to the surface, brought him to the shore and, along with a group of Evan’s friends and North Shore lifeguards, brought him back to consciousness. It’s unclear how long he’d been knocked out, but it is clear that Andre’s actions saved Evan’s life.

Evan was rushed to the hospital with a laceration to the back of his head, but is breathing and appears to have full range of motion.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Evan, and we should all take a minute to thank Andre Botha for taking the actions he did. A true hero. –Zander Morton

*530 p.m. Update*
We just got word from one of Evan’s good friends at the hospital: “Evan is stable, vitals are good and he’s going to be OK!”