2015 Steep And Deep ImageEzra Sitt. Photo: Sash Fitzsimmons

The surfers surfed. The photographers shot. The judges judged and you voted. The 2015 Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge has officially come to a close and photographer Sash Fitzsimmons and surfer Ezra Sitt are the winners. This morning on the North Shore, Suzi Milosky presented the two of them with a framed image of the winning wave.

And now, a word from the winners.

Ezra Sitt:
I was really stoked just to be nominated in the top ten with some of my best friends, so to actually win the event is a dream come true and a huge honor. I spent a lot of time taking notes from Sion and the rest of the crew at Pipe and the Steep and Deep means a lot to me. I told myself that I would surf as hard as I could and get barreled as much as possible this season, so I didn’t surf any wave other than Pipeline for 4 months straight. Pipe is the kind of wave that you draw and dream about as a grom and to have won the event with that wave is just so special. Thanks to everyone who helped put this event together and thank you Pipeline! Live like Sion!

Sash Fitzsimmons:
I’m so honored and humbled that my photo of Ezra Sitt won the Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge. This is such a prestigious event in honor of Sion Milosky, who was known to sit deeper and take off steeper than everyone else in the lineup. Ezra did just that on this beautiful, clean morning. I am so stoked to have captured that special moment. I want to personally thank the Steep and Deep organizers, the experts for selecting our photo in the top top and to all the fans who voted online. Mahalo nui loa and Aloha.

Suzi Milosky and S&D organizers:
I’m very happy that Ezra Sitt won this year’s event and that Sash Fitzsimmons captured this image. Steep and Deep is about representing underground Pipeline chargers, and we did just that. We are grateful for the continued support of Vans, SURFING and Volcom to help make this event possible. There were so many amazing photos that made it to the top 10, and all of them won in their own right. The contest has grown so much and it will only get better as it continues to grow. We are constantly learning and improving this homegrown, grassroots event in memory of Sion Milosky. Si is proud and happy for Ezra for winning as he deserves it. We are all very excited for next year’s event as we plan to iron the wrinkles and make this event even better.