Fall Guys

The last five spots on Innersection didn't go without a fight.

Put down that camera…there's no more room on Innersection. The final spots were decided last week, and Taylor Steele is in New York screening Momentum like it's 1999.

Here's our quick introduction to the final finalists, finally:

1. GABRIEL VILLARAN: Gabe's both a Peruvian national champ and a South American national treasure. He's one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet in the Peruvian desert, a super-hard charger at spots you should try charging, and a backside tubesmith on par with any surfer on tour. Check out his waves in the Peru section of Steele's Castles in the Sky for some jaw-dropping proof…then watch out for his DVD submission cause all of South America watched his section twice.

2. RY CRAIKE: Ry's section is good to go. The full package. Just send it. That baby should have won the round. (Sorry, Gabe.) It's cool that he entered Innersection last round and got kinda bagged, then came back with amazing new footage and the voters all recognized. That was a test, just to see if people were paying attention. Ry's section is West Oz tube-tutorial for people with a death wish -- some of the drop in this section will leave your nuts around your neck. Don't do it!

3. BRENNO DORRINGTON: Along with his section, Brenno (that's an Oz-breviation for "Brent") released five minutes of top quality un-used footage online. Why so much? Well, Brenno lives on the Gold Coast…with three filmers…and does nothing but surf. He's already cranking out new waves for the DVD…and he'll probably spill twice as much all over the floor. Good onya.

4. MARCO GIORGI: What do you mean you've never heard of this guy? Haven't you been to Uruguay? Okay, we hadn't either, but this is one of those nice little Innersection surprises. Marco carves like a South American Parko and this poetically shot section is a nice break from all those filmers too scared to risk missing another air-reverse clip. Yes, it's art, not sport.

5. KELLY SLATER: What do you mean you haven't heard of this guy? Geeze, the 9.5 time champ almost didn't even qualify, but word on the street is that he held back his best clips because he's too busy, you know, smashing the hopes and dreams of yet another generation of world title contenders. His director hails from France, so no doubt Slater will show up late for a few heats cause he's locking away a few more "surprises." It's not that he needs another $100k, but it's just that he's actually building a house out of over-sized checks, so…yeah.

That's Taylor's twenty sections. [See full stats at http://innersection.tv/winners] But he's invited all previous Top 10s back for a Wild Card "Lightning Round" later this week (29-30th). We've heard Parko just finished a full new edit, Flynn Novak's landed a few more flips, and Alex Gray is out for blood after over-taking Slater with an hour left…then getting out-tweeted by the champ's million-man twitter account.

Innersection's first DVD release will be out in early December, and another round will get under way in February 2011. Shouldn't you be filming right now?