College isn't for everyone. Especially two guys from Ventura County who were home schooled their senior year so they could tour the world and surf together. Alpinestar team rider Nathanial Curran is stoked about his longtime friend's company, With the November 2007 launch of the world's first video/text sharing website, pal Frank Tesoro is attempting the plunge into reality television.

In October 2006 Tesoro's friend and business partner Taylor Chien said he wished he could watch video clips on his cell while waiting long hours at the airport. They brought their friend Chase Baron on board and pioneered the first video sharing site that enables anyone to upload and send video clips from their computer to their cell, via text message.

"It's always cool to see new short clips of surfing," Curran says, "You don't always have time to watch a whole surf video. You just wanna' see clips of Kelly before your heat."

Although Curran didn't invest in the company, he rocks their logo on his board and reps their videos on his travels. FastClips strapped him with an iPhone to bring wherever he goes. "When Nathaniel's in the middle of nowhere, he's gotta see some ladies," Tesoro laughs. "We all love the ladies."

Their vantage point: exclusive footage you can't find anywhere else. Catch Timmy Curran pulling a front-side back flip or an up close and personal view of FastClips sponsored UFC fighter, Kimbo Slice.

O'Neill recently jumped on with a link for and their homepage where they upload clips of their team riders. "O'Neill's doing something for us everyday," Tesoro says, "They're super cool guys, I consider them partners."

After less than a year running and with hardly any marketing efforts made, they have already nabbed publicity and advertisers on their site.

"I bought a screen printing machine and make t-shirts in the garage," Tesoro says, "Then I have my friends wear them out. Besides word of mouth we really haven't marketed the company yet."

What you can look forward to: a possible reality series and some intense footage of a {{{Ferrari}}} Run from Calabasas, Ca to the Marine Corps Base in Camp Pendleton on May 31. The guys are riding shotgun and catching it all on tape.

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