ASP President's Welcome:

On behalf of ASP International I would like to extend a warm welcome to all involved in the inaugural Globe WCT Fiji. It is with great expectation that ASP look forward to experiencing the warm hospitality of our Fijian hosts and our friends on the islands of Tavarua and Namotu.

It is wonderful to have Globe International as our newest WCT Licensee, we look forward to a terrific event at stop number four on the Foster’s Men's World Tour. The anticipation of awesome waves at Cloudbreak and Restaurants has the worlds best surfers salivating, the prospects of cavernous barrells brings the “Dream Tour” into reality at the Globe WCT Fiji. From May 22 thru June 3 the world will tune in to the live webcast, delivering a visual feast from one of the world's premier surfing destinations. Highly rated by the elite Top 45, Cloudbreak is renowned for its power and beauty and at 8 ft plus throws up some of the wildest barrells on the planet. Restaurants can look playful compared to the raw ocean majesty of Cloudbreak, but with razor coral inches below the surface, the CT gladiators have to thread the pitching lip by slotting deep in the pit and connecting the bowls in one epic, flowing tuberide.

The idyllic camp life creates a very relaxed, communal living environment, the food is insane and one needs to sometimes be reminded that, hey, this is work. And it is in this exotic setting that Globe has entered the world of ASP surfing. The surfers are super stoked to be heading back to Tavarua/Namotu, the ASP travelling staff is gearing up for Globe’s debut on the Foster’s Men's World Tour, and we look forward to an awesome event.All the best,
Wayne '{{{Rabbit}}}' Bartholomew
President ASP International

The Globe WCT – Fiji…..THE DREAM EVENT

The Globe WCT Fiji is one of the world’s premier surf events, run in prime season from May 22 to June 3 at one of the world’s truly classic surf locations off the islands of Tavarua and Namotu, Fiji.

As the fourth event on the 2005 Fosters ASP Men's World Tour, the event perfectly encapsulates the spirit of World Championship Surfing, centered on the dream tour concept of idyllic locations and awesome waves. The surf set-up between Tavarua and Namotu Islands consists of two super-long left-hand reef waves. Cloudbreak works best from 4 to 12 ft producing long clean barrels.

Closer to Tavarua Island sits the break of Restaurants – a super fast, perfect barreling long left over shallow reef that comes into play when the outer Cloudbreak reef is maxing out. Both breaks epitomize all the best elements of surfing and with the world’s best surfers surfing for World Championship Tour points, it’s simply the ideal location.

"Cloudbreak is just a killer of a break with huge barrels and clean, open wave faces – it's all we can ask for, but on top of that, we get the best tropical location – all in all, perfect," C.J. Hobgood WCT World Champion 2001.

About Globe: Globe’s heritage and future is in building and managing boardsports and streetwear brands. These brands are represented across the apparel, footwear, hardgoods and accessories markets worldwide. Globe designs and develops brands on a world wide basis, with each brand appealing to different subcultures within the broader youth culture. These brands span multiple product categories from apparel and footwear to hardgoods in skate, surf and snow.

Globe is an international business with its products sold in over 65 countries. Globe’s head office is in Melbourne, Australia and there are regional headquarters in Los Angeles in the USA, Hossegor on the south-west coast of France and London in the UK.

…and just a little bit of history

Globe was founded in Australia by brothers, Peter and Stephen Hill, who became professional skateboarders in the late 1970's and they are both central figures in the growth and popularity of skateboarding in Australia. As pioneers in an emerging sport, Peter and Stephen sourced the best equipment in North America and soon became importers and distributors. From components, they expanded into clothing and footwear, and later secured licenses to produce garments under leading brands in the industry. Globe brands such as Globe shoes, Gallaz, Mooks, {{{M}}}-ONE-11, World Industries, Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi, Tensor and Almost are now known throughout the world and all have their heritage and future linked to a culture that has it's roots in skate, surf and snow..


Have a look in a dictionary for the definition of exotic and the chances are it will say Fiji. With 333 islands the Fiji archipelago is at the cross roads of the South Pacific where the sun shines almost everyday. Fiji is where life is lived for the joy of it all, where rushing is left behind in Sydney, LA, Paris or London and learning names of new islands and beaches is more important than remembering the latest stock tip on Wall Street.

But importantly, Fiji is ridiculously easy to get to – only a few hours in one of the 85 inbound flights but a lifetime from the stresses of everyday life that are left behind. Many believe that there is a magical aura that descends upon them on arriving at Nadi airport that defends against all attempts from the intervention of everyday life.

Whether it is the big island of Viti Levu offering a wealth of tropical scenery, from rushing Mountain Rivers and waterfalls in the depths of the rainforest, to palm-fringed beaches or the offshore islands, the reefs, the beaches or the surf, time seems to stop in this paradise.

How the Globe WCT – Fiji will be judged

The new ASP judging criteria is being rolled out at all events in 2005. The changes have evolved from a year long monitoring process, primarily overseen and driven by ASP Head Judge Perry Hatchett’s desire to both reflect contemporary cutting edge performance surfing and capture the spirit of free surfing that is the essence of performance surfing. Gleaning valuable data from free-wheeling events such as the Foster’s Expression Sessions and Kelly Slater’s Fiji experimental event, Perry and other members of ASP’s Technical Committee, including WCT surfers, this year have set out to free up the criteria with the dual objectives of further rewarding progressive surfing and introducing a reward system based on demonstrating variety of repertoire and linking maneuvers together, still in the critical sections of the wave, in a seamless flow of power and speed.

This year, the judges will be using criteria that will encourage competitors to perform with innovation, skill and flair and with just a touch of the X factor..

Specifically judges will be looking for:

“A surfer must perform radical controlled maneuvers in the critical section of a wave with Speed, Power and Flow to maximize scoring potential. Innovative / Progressive surfing as well as Variety of Repertoire (maneuvers), will be taken into consideration when rewarding points for waves ridden. The surfer who executes these criteria with the maximum Degree of Difficulty and Commitment on the waves shall be rewarded with the higher scores.”

For any surfer who receives a score in the range of 8 to 10 points for a ride is going to require a combination of great skill, flair, innovation and a pretty sick wave, whereas an average score is going to come in at about 4 to 6 points. With one of the sickest waves on the planet and the best surfers ever, expect to see some insane scores.


Five days are needed to complete the event and we've got 11 days in which to pull this off! Keeping checking www.GlobeFiji.com for the daily event schedule as a call will be made at 7:00 am each morning on whether the event will be on for the day.

Web Cast: www.GlobeFiji.com

And as always, stay tuned to SURFINGthemag.com for daily updates from Fiji.