Filipe Toledo Out For The Remainder Of The Australian Leg

Filipe Toledo, scowling at the speed of now. Photo: JimmicaneFilipe Toledo. Photo: Jimmicane

You’re going to feel this one.

Mentally, not psychically — Filipe’s got that side of it covered. The kid pulled his groin (ironically) trying to pull an air reverse in the Semis of the Quiksilver Pro against Wilko. He kept surfing the heat because tenacity wins titles — right, Adriano? — but realized the severity of his injury after all was said and done. While the injury is the furthest thing from career-threatening, it hurts like a bitch for him and stings like a bee for us — Bells and Margaret River aren’t exactly the most exciting waves on tour, and his absence means the absence of a much-needed spark.

Oh well. See you in Rio, Fil. Until then, at least we have this…