Film Striptease

As we near the completion of Kai Neville's latest project Modern Collective –– featuring Dion Agius, Mitch Coleborn, Dusty Payne, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith and Yadin Nicol –– we'll be checking in weekly to bring you updates from all the surfers as they continue to log clips for their parts. This week we've got three sequences that demonstrate the level of surfing going on for this flick: Mitch pulls a flip, Yadin helicopters over France and Jordy mauls an Australian lip.

1. Mitch Coleborn: Flip Sequence somewhere in {{{Baja}}}
For those of you who still aren't familiar with Mitch Coleborn you might want to prepare. Maybe go check his part in Stranger than Fiction (which he put together last second to be in the movie) for a refresher and prepare to be inundated by this Aussie in the next few months. During filming for Modern Collective, Mitch has managed to bag more crazy sequences, photos and video clips than any surfer around. Period. This sequence here is the first official flip pulled during filming and just the beginning. This guy has been coast-to-coast, continent to continent bagging the goods.

2. Yadin Nicol: French Helicopter ride
Yadin Nicol went through a bit of a back problem midway through filming but did manage to get his work done before and after. Here he is this past fall in France chucking a full rotation no grab. This is the sort of things you have to look forward to in Modern Collective.

3. Jordy Smith: A few days ago at South Straddie
Jordy Smith opened up his career with a lot of big talk about being on tour and then backed it up with some big time competitive mistakes and a sub par year. But when he showed up this year to the Gold Coast and paddled out to South Straddie, he looked possessed. Just check the aggression on this blow tail –– he's like a bulletproof tiger let loose on the Goldie and whether or not he puts it together for contest, as long as we have things like this we're more than entertained.

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