Final Day at Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa


Photo: Vans Triple Crown/ASPKirstin

We don't see the need to wait until Thanksgiving to recognize all of the things we are thankful for — health, family, girls, waves, tacos — and live webcasts. Today, all day, you are able to enjoy the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa. Yes, the waves are small, but save the big surf for Sunset and Pipe, it's good to mix some tricks into the Triple Crown. And tricks you will find in the following Round 4 heats, a few cherry-picked matchups that are sure to be bangers.

Heat 2:
Ezekiel Lau HAW
Kolohe Andino USA
Adrien Toyon REU Blue
Nat Young USA

Brother's been on fire, but so has Zeke Lau, and we know he's anxious to prove that despite the hype, he's right up there on Kolohe's level. Don't expect Nat and Adrien to lie down, either.

Heat 4:
Dan Ross AUS
Thiago Camarao BRA
John John Florence HAW
Taj Burrow AUS

This heat has it all. Straight-power from Dan Ross. The new Brazilian breed from stylish Shrimpy. Next-level everything from JJ. And OG Taj Burrow. If you see only one heat, this is the one.

Heat 5:
Adriano de Souza BRA
Dusty Payne HAW
Ace Buchan AUS
Brett Simpson USA

Five years ago this would have been the equivalent of heat 2. Today, this group is just as relevant and exciting to watch.

Return tomorrow for full contest wrap and some behind the scenes shit from our Hawaiian correspondent Daniel Ikaika Ito. [What a name!]