Finatic: Changing The Way You Buy Fins

Back in the late {{{90}}}'s when the modern-day fin systems were first coming into their own, things were pretty simple. You either had glass-on fins, or you had one of the new fin systems. Most fin systems were only available on custom-ordered boards, and the jury was still out on their overall viability.

Fast forward 10+ years to present day, and these fin systems have become the standard. No longer are typical shop boards stocked with glass-on fins. Now shops can store hundreds more boards in the same amount of space, and the consumer has a whole new variable to add to their surfing equation; what fins are best for me?

In that time, both of the major fin system manufacturers (FCS and Future Fins) have attempted to develop demo programs that were run at local surf shops. But by the time that the average surfer got the opportunity to make it down to the shop and actually try a set, most of the fins were either sold, missing, or unaccounted for. While their hearts were in the right place, the demo system never really caught on.

Until now.

Chris Hough and the crew over at have introduced their new FINATIC program. It's designed to let the consumer (you) try out all the fins you can handle for one low monthly price.

Here's how it works: you join the program and pay your monthly membership price. Then, select from the fins offered on the site and fill out your top 3 favorites list of fins you'd like to try out (Both FCS and Future Fins are involved in this program, so there's a huge selection). After that, just kick back and wait for your first set of fins to arrive. You can try out as many fins as you like, and when you're done with them, you just send them back in the pre-paid envelope.

Essentially, it's NetFlix for fins.

Don't like the ones you selected? Just send them back and get the next set on your list.

With the average price of a new set of fins ranging between $65 and ${{{100}}}, this program is innovative and long overdue for the average surfer who just wants to know how these fins work before putting down big bucks for a product they have never used before.

For complete details about the FINATIC program and to sign up, visit