First-Round NFL Draft Pick Won’t Sign Contract Because He Wants To Surf


How much money would someone have to pay you to stop surfing? Well, for star quarterback Marcus Mariota, apparently that number is somewhere north of 20 million dollars. The Oahu native recently left the Oregon Ducks after winning a coveted Heisman Trophy, only to move on to be a first-round pick by the Tennesee Titans in the 2015 NFL draft. Now, from here, usually the process continues with the team offering you a buttload of money, you sign a few papers, shake a few hands, and go on your way as a new found high-profile professional athlete. But for Mariota, there’s been a few snags in the negotiations of his contract. One of the biggest ones? A no-surfing clause. That’s right, Marcus wants to shred. This isn’t out of the ordinary for a professional contract to have a clause prohibiting the participation in other possibly dangerous activities, but for the Hawaiian gunslinger, a career without surfing ain’t a career worth having (atleast for 20 million dollars it’s not). Cheers Marcus, you keep negotiating, and hopefully we’ll see you parked in a Backdoor cave this winter.