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The Wisdom Of The Web

Never take advice from a man with tape on his back. Kelly Slater breaks rule number 1. Photo: ShermPhoto: Sherm

Surfing might be in the 2020 Olympics.
It’s officially almost official. A collective of older men who presumably have clipboards — also known as the Olympic Committee — kicked a few sports out of contention for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics. Off the list: bowling. Still on the list: surfing. Thus proving what we already knew in that surfing is superior to bowling. Unless it’s laser bowling and you’re on drugs, in which case, no comment. Read the full story here.

There was a shortage of American flags on the beach, so Courtney improvised. Adopted Brazilian stormtrooper takes a victory lap. Photo: @tallteefPhoto: Trevor Moran

Brazil is the land of opportunity.
Do you want to make the WCT? So does Jack Freestone. The only difference is that you probably won’t and Jack probably will — he doesn’t even need a big result at the upcoming WQS 10,000 in Brazil. Speaking of which, we recently broke down the WQS by nation to see which country offered the most potential points to qualify. The answer, not surprisingly, was draped in green and yellow. See all the numbers here.”>See all the numbers here.

DaneairPhoto: Corey Wilson

Success is subjective.
Even according to two very successful men, Dane Reynolds and CJ Hobgood. We interviewed them together and asked things like how they define success and what happiness means. No, we’re not kidding. See proof here.

Wilson_HAW14_01260Photo: Corey Wilson

Failure is funny.
Think about your best friend. Now think about the funniest thing they’ve ever said — was it an incredibly hilarious joke or a frumpy sentence about minor league baseball after they’d gotten nervous and went entirely blank in a brutally failed attempt at courting a member of the opposite sex? Our guess is the ladder. And we make that guess because failure is inherently funny. Take, for example the @kookslams Instagram account or Brett Barley’s Fail Friday compilation. Both of ’em will make your cheeks hurt.


Surfing moves fast.
Faster than a cheetah. Faster than a xxx. In an attempt to chart surfing’s progression and entertain you — yes, you — at the same time, we produce a short edit featuring the best 10 clips of every month. The cream of September is here and it is, for lack of better word, a doozy.