Words and photos by Nate Lawrence

img_7693Owen Wright // Indonesia

Here is Owen Wright shot during a Rip Curl trip in Indonesia. After this trip he went on the craziest roll. Winning comps. Qualifying for the CT. Taking down big names as a wildcard. And he’s shown that it wasn’t luck, as he will (probably) win Rookie of the Year this year.

pg9x3729Owen Wright // Indonesia

There aren’t too many people that can get the same pop and rotation on backside airs as Owen. And he’s not a small guy.

pg9x4361-2Owen Wright // Indonesia

Excellent waves with excellent surfers and an excellent backdrop. It’s not that hard to get a good photo.

pg9x9069-1Owen Wright // Indonesia

Well, this photo I like because of the shape of the wave. It looks like there’s some momentum behind it. It’s not a big air, but he’s in control and his style is perfect.

pg9x9209Owen Wright // Indonesia

I’d like to leave you with this photo. Owen is definitely pushing his surfing right here. Notice his positioning on the wave. Notice the wave is barreling. Notice the wave is not blown out and onshore. I’d like to stop seeing airs on 2-foot onshore crap waves like we’ve been seeing this year. If you haven’t received the memo, offshore is the new onshore.