And The Flame Still Burns

For more than three decades, the late Larry "Flame" Moore gave us some of the best images the surf world has ever seen. From the depths of {{{Baja}}} to the remote, lonely big-wave outpost of Cortes Bank to sparkling Salt Creek, he'd been there, shot that. As photo editor of SURFING Magazine since 1973 and one of the most devoted Southern California documentarians, Flame inspired not only the surfing masses, but generations of talented photographers - many of whom became legends themselves. Just a short list of his former students include Dan Merkel, Jeff Hornbaker, Aaron Chang, Don King, Hank, Rob Brown, Chris {{{Van}}} Lennep, Jeff Flindt, DJ Struntz and current SURFING photo editor Peter Taras.

Before Flame succumbed to a brain tumor in 2005, he expressed the desire to form a non-profit organization to benefit young photographers. The result: The Follow the Light Foundation (FTLF), which, for two consecutive years, has awarded a $5,000 grant to a promising young photographer. Last year's winner, Matthew Clark, is in the process of filming a documentary about surfing on the East Coast. ( Meanwhile, 2006 recipient Chris Burkard, is Surfline's Senior Photographer and continues to generate a massive body of work. (

Who's next? Well, that's up to you. Starting today, August 4, The Follow the Light Foundation is accepting applications for its 2008 grant. Who are they looking for? A young, aspiring photographer who shares an equal passion for both surfing and documenting surfing. Someone who has creativity, vision and has a talent for showcasing our sport in a unique light. There is no clear formula for achieving this fresh look - but the judging panel will know it when they see it.

If you feel like you're this person, go to, download the application and put together your best submission. All the details required for the submission are in the application, but above all else, be sure to send in your entry in no later than SEPTEMBER 15, 2008.

This year's winner will be announced during a reception dinner at the Surfing Heritage Foundation on October 16, 2008.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that camera, get out there and go document life. And, as Flame always said, "Keep 'em sharp and keep 'em bright."

For More Information on The Follow the Light Foundation Grant and submitting your application please visit or email Pete Taras, Photo Editor, Surfing Magazine at