2005 Quiksilver Pro France Day 2 Report

SURF: Compare it to Puerto, Pipe, Big Blacks - whatever you want. Wide open tubes everywhere.
EVENTS HELD: Men's Round 1 Heats 13-16, Heats 1-6 of Round 2
NATURE'S CALL: A bit smaller tomorrow, but another even bigger swell on the way.
PREDICTED: Beauty rest on order tonightLast night most of the Top 44 partied. It was an understandable decision since there was Luke Egan's Dionysian retirement announcement party to get wasted at, and the pros' wives and girlfriends were set to tear it up on the dance floor. The defining image of the night was the phalanx of the dolled-up better halfs of Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Occy, Cory Lopez, {{{CJ}}} Hobgood, Taj Burrow and Chris Ward all strutting down Hossegor's main drag on the way to Rock Food with roses in their hands – all to cat calls and whistles from every male in sight.

And let's face it – just being in France puts you in the mood to drink.

But when the boys had a look at the conditions this morning, the collective thought was, "What the f–k was I thinking?"

That's because they woke up to find that yesterday's windblown slop had transformed into crazy 6-8 foot offshore love shacks - bigger and even gnarlier than it was on Saturday. The remaining heats got underway early. (8am is about 10 minutes after daybreak this time of the year in France.)

Timmy Reyes and Fred Patacchia managed to regroup and rehydrate and make it down to the beach for their heats, but Kalani Robb, last seen at Rock Food with a beer in hand a glazed look on his face, didn't. Too bad, because except for the lack of plumeria smell in the air, La Plage du Hossegor was Ehukai Beach today. How big was it? Put it this way, Sunny Garcia took out a 6-10" for a free surf session.

Another guy who wished he stayed off the piss was Mick Fanning. Fanning saw his longshot chance at this year's world title disappear in Round 2 at the unlikely hands of 17 year-old wildcard Jeremy Flores. Flores found a screamer at the horn and came flying out of the barrel with his right arm raised to beat Mick. Truth be told, Fanning charged, and would've gotten a 10 had he found the exit on one of his waves.The honeymoon for the young Reunion Islander, Flores, however, will likely be over soon as he will meet Kelly Slater in Round 3 either tomorrow or Wednesday. Today, though, was all about the giant killers. Another wildcard in the form of New Zealander Maz Quinn shot down Trent Munro's distant dreams of a crown this year in a low scoring heat of Round 2. The most anticipated heat of the day was Dane Reynolds against Fred Patacchia. Conventional wisdom would have given nod to Freddy P who came into the event rated 9 on the WCT and was frothing to surf Hawaiian style waves 15 thousand miles away from the Islands. The knock on Danger, on the other hand, is that he can't or won't surf big waves in Hawaii. But after winning big at poker the night before, Dane was feeling it this morning. He paddled straight into the biggest barrel of the day - a 10×10 grinder - only to get annihilated. But then he battled his way back outside and flowed through a few rifling stand-up tubes for an easy win. For a guy who by his own admission "can't surf contests," he's now defeated Luke Egan, Dean Morrison and Patacchia in the last three WCT events – not bad for surfer rated 156 on the WQS.

Dane was pretty stoked after the win. But the happiest dude on the beach was Luke Egan. That's because a nasty onshore wind kicked up just before his heat and event was called off for the day. Big Louie was then able to saunter back to his hotel and sleep off the rest of his monster hangover without having to surf. Come tomorrow morning, when the waves are expected to pump again, he'll be right, mate.COMPLETED ROUND 2 HEATS:
(1st place advances to Round 3; 2nd finishes =33rd)Heat # 1: Jeremy Flores def. Mick Fanning
Heat # 2: Maz Quinn def. Trent Munro
Heat # 3: Nathan Hedge def. Tiago Pires
Heat # 4: Dane Reynolds def. Fred Patacchia
Heat # 5: Guilherme Herdy def. Tom Whitaker
Heat # 6: Jake Paterson def. Renan RochaREMAINING ROUND 2 HEATS:Heat # 7: Luke Egan v. Kirk Flintoff
Heat # 8: Taylor Knox v. Shea Lopez
Heat # 9: Richie Lovett v. Tim Curran
Heat #10: Peterson Rosa v. Shane Beschen
Heat #11: Mark Occhilupo v. Greg Emslie
Heat #12: Darren O’Rafferty v. Victor Ribas
Heat #13: Travis Logie v. Kalani Robb
Heat #14: Marcelo Nunes v. Chris Ward
Heat #15: Michael Lowe v. Bede Durbidge
Heat #16: Sunny Garcia v. Lee Winkler