Fred Patacchia Just Retired (Like A Boss)

Freddy P, not a Hindu, just a warrior. Photo: DJ StruntzFreddy P., the warrior himself (Literally. In this image from last year, he’s bleeding out of his head while surfing a heat at J-Bay.) Photo: Corey Wilson

After eleven years on tour, Fred Patacchia Jr. decided to retire at the 2015 Hurley Pro Trestles today. Freddy’s been a staple on the tour (and, uhh, a hugely influential figure in surfing) and is one of the best goofyfooters this side of Occy. Now let’s talk about how he went about retiring.

Fred’s surfing a Round 1 heat at Lowers with the defending World Champ, Gabriel Medina, who is over a decade younger than him. Gabe’s winning, nobody is surprised. Then Freddy gets an 8.9. Then Freddy gets a perfect 10. Then Freddy decides, with four minutes left, to catch a wave and head straight to the beach. A microphone meets him there and Freddy announced that he’s officially retired and won’t be surfing a heat for the rest of year. Now everybody is surprised. Mic, figuratively, dropped.

Bravo, Freddy. Bravo. And somewhere in the world, Michael Jordan is smiling.