The Freddy P Project Interrogation Premiere: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Whiskey shots, a guaranteed lay and underage girls sporting clothes oozing with sexual innuendos were on tap this past Thursday at the premier of Interrogation: The Freddy P. Project, at Kefi's in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

The premier, hosted by Surf City Surf Shop and Metalstorm Entertainment, kicked last weekend off right as 150+ guests arrived to see Fred Patacchia's first signature film. Stoked locals came out in droves to see the movie, which features huge pipe footage, this years Mecixo 'CT event ridiculousness, and giant snapper to name a few. Fellow Hawaiians as well as Fred's CT tour bud's littered the film's lineup, blowing doors on world-class spots around the world.

Representatives from the clothing line, Thrust, had girls out there sporting next to nothing, in outfits that pissed off a few boyfriends as they walked around giving Hawaiian lei's to the females in attendance. At the end of the night, the girl with the most lei's would walk home with a Kefi bar tab and Freddy P prize pack. Surf City Surf Shop made sure everyone left with more than just high blood alcohol content as they provided the party with tons of free stuff. Sunglasses, watches, baggies, leashes, t-shirts and hats were raffled off and thrown out to the crowd throughout the night. One lucky bloke was fortunate enough to leave the bar with a brand new 6'2 courtesy of Sean at S.O.D Surfboards.

Following the video and surfboard giveaway was a live band and final tally for the winner of the 'lets get leid' contest – winner Summer Rahn spent her tab that night buying shots for her lady friends… money well spent. Freddy would have been proud as girls danced, and got a little scandalous, with one another on stage – teasing the local bros with their playful ways. Thanks to Willy Mac and Rockstar for the killer liquor specials that brought out the girls' dance floor confidence

Fred Patacchia's first film will not soon be forgotten around Wrightsville as everyone left the bar that night pumped up about waves and chicks, and hoping that the Atlantic's remaining hurricane season would spawn some waves to feed their stoke.

Check out the trailer here or go to for more info.