Gabe Kling Sick In West Oz

Today it was brought to SURFING’s attention that WQS warrior and former WCT surfer Gabe Kling has fallen ill in West Australia with pneumonia.

Here’s what Matix’s Brandy Faber had to say about Gabe’s condition:

“He got pneumonia in W.A. and had to spend about 6 nights in the hospital. He had severe allergic reactions to the medicine they gave him and broke out in rash and swelled up. Had a 103 degree fever. I guess the Dr. said if it comes back it could kill him. They recommend that he rests for a month or so to get back {{{100}}}% strength.

He is skipping the 6* in Durban and possibly 6* in Scotland.

He has a flight home from W.A. on Friday so, if anyone wants to drop him a line, etc. he should be back sometime after Saturday.”

SURFING will have an update on Gabe condition as soon as more details are available.

Get well soon, Gabe.