Gabriel Medina Isn’t Suspended

Gabriel Medina. Photo: Corey Wilson

March 12, 2015 was one of the best days of competitive surfing ever. It wasn’t the best because John John and Kelly Slater tied in a heat at perfect Teahupo’o or because a World Title was decided at Second Reef Pipe. It was the best because Freddy P. boardslid a rock in a bout of frustration, Josh Kerr went George Foreman on his surfboard and Gabriel Medina cursed and borderline threatened Glenn Hall on the live webcast. Now, none of those things are commendable (actually, I’ll commend Freddy’s — that was amazing) on their own. But when you them together? Brilliant. They are vital signs. They are a testament to passion and they are proof that contests are actual sporting events and not just a bro brah wave catching festival held every month or so. Nice tail throw! Wanna see mine?

But still. On their own? Not commendable. (Besides Freddy P. I love you, Freddy P.) And so wrists must be slapped. Gabe, get over here….

The World Surf League (WSL) Rules and Disciplinary Committee has completed its investigation into the Medina/Hall incident from the Quiksilver Pro Gold.

Efforts were made post-incident to clear the air between Medina and Hall. Following conversations with both parties involved as well as reviewing broadcast footage, the Rules and Disciplinary Committee has determined that Medina was in violation of the athlete Code of Conduct and has been fined as a result. Medina’s efforts following the incident to amend any public misperceptions about his and Hall’s relationship have been noted and appreciated. We wish all competitors good fortune at the upcoming Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

We’re not exactly sure how much the fine will be, but SURFING Magazine’s Financial Department currently estimates that the figure is somewhere between $19.50 and the price of the most expensive home in McCook, Nebraska ($12,000 or so). No matter what the number exact number is, rest assured it’s merely pebbles to 2014’s king of surfing. Plus, he can probably win it all back at Bells which means that we get to watch him surf Bells which means Bells will be less boring. And isn’t that nice?