Global Surf Lifestyle Leader First to Add Funding for The Game

Building on the revolutionary success of The National Surf League’s The Game competition and the remarkable interest of its inaugural California Cup in 2004, The National Surf League (NSL) has signed global surf lifestyle leader Quiksilver Inc. as the first sponsor of The Game; in what is anticipated to be a number of sponsors that the NSL plans to announce over the coming months.

Moving forward, Quiksilver is the presenting sponsor of the National Surf League’s California Cup. This agreement is part of a multi-year agreement with the National Surf League’s global event initiative. The partnership forges a new platform dedicated to the positive growth of surfing. As a globally renowned, authentic leader in boardridng, Quiksilver recognizes the explosive potential of the NSL, its fan base, excitement and the goodwill that The Game format brings to the sport. The Game is played with two teams of 12 surfers from specific regions. There are 8 starters 4 subs and the format mirrors traditional sports with 4 quarters, coaches, timeouts and even a referee. Starting in 2005, each team will take on an identity of their own with the addition of their team name and icon.

“Quiksilver embodies the lifestyle of surfing and has been supportive of growing the sport from a place of authenticity for the past 35 years,” says Brad Gerlach, National Surf League President and Creator of The Game. “The National Surf League is also committed to support the growth of the sport and is proving that surfing’s fan base is growing. It’s a perfect fit for both companies.”

“Brad’s success with the National Surf League continues to bring great visibility to the great sport of surfing. We’re stoked to be a part of this exciting project and we look forward to the continued growth of the number of teams and enthusiasts,” says Quiksilver’s Danny Kwock.

The National Surf League’s The Game is the official surf property for the Summer X Games on ESPN, broadcast to millions of viewers in146 countries.

In addition to acquiring a new strategic partner, the NSL has added an Expansion team, The Los Angeles Arc Angels, from LA County to the upcoming 2005 California Cup. The LA Arc Angels make up the 5th team in the National Surf League and position The Game to increase its exposure through being based in the media and entertainment capital of the world.

The action kicks off April 6th in Santa Cruz and moves down the coast with the final regular season game ending in LA on May 15th. Pro surfers of all types will be representing their home breaks. Superstar Rob Machado, {{{Legend}}} Tom Curren and Rising star Dane Reynolds are just a few of the names on the 18-surfer team rosters. With the best surfers in the state, the 2005 California Cup will showcase the most explosive surfing ever seen.

“The addition of an LA team will bring even more attention to the sport of surfing, and undoubtedly will help reach potential enthusiasts who aren’t part of the core surf community,” says NSL Vice President Jeff Cutler. “This will also give a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of the Los Angeles surfers to be recognized in a California surf arena that often revolves around Orange County and San Diego.”

“We’re hungry, we’re proud, and we know we can win,” says veteran surfer/trainer and now Arc Angels Head Coach Mike “Slamz” Lamm. The LA Team Captain Greg Browning comments, “We’re so stoked to have a team this year, the LA surfers are chomping at the bit to get the season going. There’s always been ton of hot talent from LA; it’s just that until now we haven’t had the right platform to be showcased.”

More than just an expansion, the Arc Angels bring together known and underground talent from a large region stretching from Palos Verdes to Point Dume. Additional NSL strategic alliances are with Surfline, the world #1 surf portal and leader in surf forecasting and the forerunner in surf publishing the Action {{{Sports}}} Group. The current roster of NSL teams includes Santa Cruz Stormriders, Ventura Pelicanos, Los Angeles Arc Angels, Orange County Octopus and San Diego Sea Lions

The NSL’s mission is to build a unique surfing league dedicated to the pursuit of surfing excellence and generating consumer awareness for the sport, while creating a fun, competitive format for all types of surfers.