Garrett McNamara

Matawan, NJ (July 18, 2013) – PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc. (OTCQB: PHLI.OB), a leading sports nutrition company, announced that Garrett McNamara, the first person to ride a 100-foot wave, has joined the Body Glove SURGE Energy Team. Body Glove SURGE® (, is the first all-natural energy shot proven to reduce fatigue, increase energy and mental focus.

Garrett's accomplishments in big wave surfing are a testament to his training, discipline and dedication both in and out of the water. Earlier this year he surfed a 100-foot wave in Nazare, Portugal. Pending certification from Guinness, the 10-story tall wave will break his own world record previously set surfing a 78-foot wave, also at Nazare. Garrett's epic rides include surfing a tsunami wave generated from a calving glacier in Alaska. He is a two-time Biggest Wave and Performance of the Year Award winner at the Billabong XXL Awards.

"I routinely put myself in situations that demand stamina, mental focus and the ability to react in a split-second. That's why I never use unproven products and why I now always use Body Glove SURGE before and during workouts and competitions. Body Glove SURGE keeps my energy high, my reflexes sharp and my mind alert and focused. And because it's all natural I don't have to worry about putting artificial ingredients in my body," commented Garrett.

Developed by a renowned sports scientist, Dr. Robert Portman, all-natural Body Glove SURGE contains protein, honey, green tea, coconut water, pomegranate and other high-antioxidant fruits. The unique formulation acts synergistically to reduce mind and muscle fatigue. At the 2013 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, researchers at Montana State University presented results showing Body Glove SURGE was significantly more effective than 5-hour Energy® in extending endurance, speeding reaction times, improving alertness and enhancing mental concentration.

Garrett joins other world class athletes on the Body Glove SURGE Energy Team, including: current Ironman Triathlon and Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Leanda Cave, and Track and Field Olympian, author and the nation's leading marathon coach, Jeff Galloway.

Body Glove SURGE is a collaboration between PacificHealth Laboratories, pioneers of cutting edge sports nutrition products, and Body Glove International, one of the foremost global brands in outdoor activity.

Launching nationwide in August, Body Glove SURGE will be sold in Grape and Tropical Berry flavors and retail for $2.99 per each 2.5-ounce shot.

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