Get Nutz

Standard surf videos — if you haven't heard — are going the way of George Bush politics. But our craving for constant video stimulation on the web is only getting more habitual (heard of Youtube yet?). So, how do we make things different? Eric Sorensen may have the answer. The San Diego native has lived the action sports life to the fullest. He's surfed, skated and snowboarded professionally since he was a kid and he's prospered under the tutelage of names like Jake Brown, Danny Way and Nathan Fletcher.

He's also been making unique, theme-driven surf/skate/snow videos for a long time now. His latest venture called The Nutz Show is "a two-episode-a-month look into the action sports world that's Saturday Night Live meets Dave Chappelle with a Michael Moore twist."

"I'll talk to professionals and Regular Joes," Sorensen says. "And I'll feature the best action along with the current issues in our world, from politics to pollution."

For sure this is a hodgepodge, yet creative, attempt at taking the yawn out of your standard "clips" on the Internet. Which any of us would embrace. So check out the promo for The Nutz Show, which will be airing in webland soon.