Women's world champion Layne Beachley sat next to Stephanie Gilmore and Chelsea Georgeson at the Quikslver Pro kickoff press conference the other day. She said, "With these girls sitting next to me I'm confident that the title will stay in Australian hands for the next five years."

Think again, Layne.

That's because 14 year-old Carissa Moore is coming on fast. In five years she'll be nineteen and by then might already have a few titles under her belt. What she did to Beachley today was nothing short of shocking. Carissa jumped out to an early lead and had the champ combo-ed with ten minutes remaining. In wobbly, slightly onshore 3-foot rights, Carissa's tight in the pocket snaps and tailslides were faster and more accurate than any other woman's in the contest. If the final is held in conditions anything like today, don't be surprised if we see an 8th grader win a world tour event.

The other news today was Josh Kerr. Watch out for this guy. His aerials are already the best ever seen in the big leagues. Paired up with Jeremy Flores, Kerr led the rookies to a win over the seemingly deadly Aussie combo of Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning in the new Foster's Team Challenge. One wave in particular of Kerr's was just ridiculous – alley oop lien to clear one section followed by an air reverse to clear the next. The comp's only just begun but look for Kerr to post a similarly cage rattling result as Chris Ward did here in 2005.

What else? Well, it's still too soon to tell, but the sky is falling predictions about the cyclone might not turn about to be true. The storm's getting stalled near Oz's northern tip and might not affect us much at all. Look for Round 2, featuring Kelly and Andy in heats one and two, hitting the water in improving conditions tomorrow with Monday and Tuesday possibly looking good as well.