Gimme the Lodown

So Nixon calls up and says they have a limited edition Hawaii Lodown tide watch dropping to coincide with North Shore season -- but, drat! Them scoundrels are slinging the watch in-state only, and when it’s gone, baby, it’s gone. Limited.

But we “came upon” three of the coveted timepieces through nefarious means and, in our kingly largess, are spreading the aloha to you. Thing is, our crystal ball is fogged and we need some help.

Praytell, which Hawaiian surfer will finish highest in the O’Neill World Cup at Sunset Beach, which kicked off just this morning?

We’re giving away the Lodown No. 1 to whoever drops the correct name first. Here’s how you can give us the lowdown to get the Lodown:

Leave your prediction as a comment in this post (below)

Email your answer to stuart at

Post your answer on the SURFING Magazine Facebook Page

Tweet us your prediction @surfingmagazine

Come by the office and give us the lowdown in person nah, wait, don’t do that

Engraved band -- SHOOTS!

Proceeds from the sale of the watch go to support the Defend Oahu Coalition -- a passion project for Nixon team rider Mark Cunningham.

Special engraved caseback -- U NO DAT!

Cough up a name.