Globe Gets Decadent

It looks like a scene from E! True Hollywood Story. Picketers lining the streets just outside the red carpet are chanting, “Stop the machine!” Are they for real? While the protestors chant, the paparazzi are having a field day as Taj Burrow slips down the red carpet, clinging to his supermodel girlfriend Cheyenne Tozzi (see Whipped in SURFING magazine’s August issue) while swimming through a feeding frenzy of flashbulbs. Did Taj secretly take a leading role in the latest summer blockbuster that pissed off PETA? Well, no. But he did star in Globe’s newest blockbuster, Secret Machine. And the party Globe put on was nothing short of hedonistic.

The posh hot spot Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach was the venue for the premiere and not a single OC hottie was missing. Scantily clad nurses were dishing out prescription medication that tasted like jellybeans, and free food and drink were flowing like Snoop Dog as the party kicked into high gear. The Hobgoods dropped by for your double mint pleasure and Pancho Sullivan, Noodles, and Yadin Nicol and the rest of the Globe brigade lit up the monstrous screens throughout the indoor/outdoor nightclub.

Attendees were treated to an incredible bash and and left stoked. Big props to Globe for a stellar event!