On December 6, 2006, when the Fijian military took over and forced the island chain into its fourth military coup in the last two decades, you'd have been hard-pressed to find anyone who thought it would affect the WCT schedule for late May. But as of press time, this bloodless exchange of power has done just that, forcing Globe and the ASP to pull the plug on Cloudbreak this year. "As happened with Indonesia, ASP {{{insurance}}} is very sensitive to Travel Advisories," explains ASP President "{{{Rabbit}}}" Bartholomew. "There are certain thresholds of Travel Advisory that immediately impact the ability to secure insurance for an event and once that's broken, going forward with an event transfers the risk directly to the Licensee, sponsor and ASP." Which for us means no webcast of the Hobgoods, Parko, Bobby-O and company screaming across Cloudbreak or Restaurants perfection this year.

"Plans are to continue with the Globe WCT Fiji in the future," said Globe surf marketing manager Brian Robbins, "provided things stabilize and we can get the insurance." Let's just hope this mini-nightmare for the Dream Tour is only temporary. We want our Tavvy back.