Going South for the Winter


Pete Devries, stalling for the Innersection.

Video by Jeremy Koreski
By Phil Bannan

Summer is in full effect, but Pete Devries shunned the tropics and decided to stay in his wetsuit and booties instead, and headed south to test out the wintertime playground of Chile. Goal of the trip: nail down some clips for his final Innersection submission. Pete filled us in on his Chilean adventures and how he plans to improve his section for the final round.

SURFING Magazine: How was Chile, Pete?

PETE DEVRIES: It was great. We just got back a few days ago. Some days at the start were really fun and hollow, and toward the end of the trip we got really rippable waves, which were a blast. It was really nice being able to surf in warm water. We were able to shed down to our 3/2s and boots, which is basically like wearing trunks for us (laughs).

Doesn't sound that warm to me. Where in Chile did you go?

We were down in the Central/Southern area of Chile, exploring and trying to find some spots. I like going on trips where you can do your own thing and try to discover spots on your own, without having a set plan or list of places to go. Sure, it's nice having someone there to show you around sometimes, but I feel it's more rewarding to show up, ask around and find a cool spot all by your self.

Who else went on the trip?

It was all guys from here [Canada]. My buddy Jeremy Koreski, who shoots photos and video, came. We mainly focused on getting video for Innersection. Noah Collins and Shannon Brown were also there. They mostly shoot photos. So it was a great crew of friends and a super fun trip.

Were you guys able to get some keepers for Innersection?

We got a few good clips for sure. But once you get something, there's always that feeling you should go out and nail an even better clip. But yeah, there are some keepers that we'll be using for the final section. We also got a couple good photos, so it was definitely a successful trip.

Any new plans for your final submission? Or is that classified information?

Well, there are some lifestyle ideas that we're working on, but those are top secret. Besides that, we're trying to show as much from Canada as possible, since most people don't get to see what goes on up here. We're hoping to get enough clips to replace everything from the first section. It will make it that much stronger if it's all new footage.

How much longer do you have to work on your section?

The final edit needs to be submitted by October 1st. I was hoping we would have until November to get clips because the season up here doesn't really start until the beginning of October. So that's too bad. But at the same time it sucks for the Hawaiian guys too. They won't be able to get those Pipe waves for their sections, so I guess it kind of evens out.

That's a bummer. Have you seen any other entries from this last round of Innersection?

Yeah, I was able to watch them and vote once I got back home. My favorite was Josh Kerr's section. It was a good, solid all around section with crazy airs and big barrels…I mean Kerr-azy. John John was the surprise of the round for me. His section was also really good.

What are your thoughts on Innersection and its judging process?

It’s a great thing for guys like me. Even for guys who don’t make it, they get their names out there. It’s fun to see other people surf too. People seem to be really confused about the judging and why sections make the top 10 and top 5, but they are starting to do a good job of explaining it. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together and to see how successful the final product is.

After Innersection, what comes next?

Once it's over, I want to get back into shooting photos around home. It's such a fun place to surf and a great place for photos. It will be nice to not have to worry about getting any more footage for a while. Other than that, I'll try and jump onboard any trips that pop up and will be surfing again in the O'Neill Cold Water Classic up here in Vancouver. I have some great memories from last year's event and really enjoy when all those other guys come up here.