Remember Charlie Bucket? The little dude who wanted a golden pass to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory more than anything in the world? Well, Taylor Steele is a bit like our Willy Wonka, churning out the sweetest high-performance surf films in existence for more than 15 years. And we imagine a lot of you out there are a bit like Charlie Bucket – DYING to see Taylor's newest release, Stranger Than Fiction.

Now, here's your chance to see it before anyone else (except Taylor, that is.) Answer our Taylor Steele movie trivia question below as quickly as possible. If you answer correctly, your name will be placed in a digital hat for a random draw this MONDAY, JUNE 9. If your name is picked, you will receive FOUR COVETED GOLDEN TICKETS to the WORLD PREMIERE of STRANGER THAN FICTION on June 20 in Encinitas.

If you're not picked, don't fret. You still have a chance to scrape together a few nickels and get your ticket. Stay tuned to for more giveaways leading up to the big event. Check back on Monday 6.8.2008 to see who won.