Gone Fishing

We're now only a few days away from the kickoff to the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper which will launch the 2009 World Tour season giving us all something to do behind the bosses back at work again. And while it's not exactly the most hyped group of newcomers coming in, we're pretty sure there's going to be plenty to watch on tour this year. With a new schedule in place, no Andy in sight, a slightly new format coming into play, Dane and Jordy become sophomores and Kelly going for his 10th world title, it should be worth tuning in.

As anticipation starts to bubble over on the Gold Coast, it's been interesting to see "everyone's new vibe" for the start of the year. So far Bobby is stickerless. Taj and Parko have been tight lipped. Fanning is feeling loose. And Jordy has been making it rain at South Straddie for three days straight now, check it here: www.ModernCollective.tv As for Chris Ward and Dane Reynolds...well they're up to something fishy.

Chris Ward

Once the irony of Wardo's pre-surf pump-up song wears off, you'll notice him going ballistic at Snapper a few days ago on this fresh little number ...lost is calling a 5'5" Rocket Hydroflex which is made out of recycled foam and there are no wood stringers. Wardo goes green. Brilliant.

Dane Reynolds

"I can't believe it's been four months and it's still f--ked," Dane told SURFING a few weeks ago of his ankle injury he suffered doing an intergalactic double grab in France. It's been baby steps since then and by the looks of the photos and videos of Dane recently, he's developed quite a "Fishcuit" habit. But as Kelly showed us with his Humpty Dumpty surfboard at Pipe Masters, maybe that's the way to go at Snapper. Here's Dane "training" for Snapper.

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Fishes and beards: Gold Coast training with Dane