Eat that, Kodak Waterproof 1999!

For the first time since the last time, GoPro is dropping some dope shit.

This time, it comes in the form of the Hero 5 Black, the Hero 5 Session and the Karma Drone.

First things, first: the cameras. Both have significant upgrades from their latest models, so let's go ahead and check out the new features.

Hero 5 Black: $399

The LCD screen allows for realtime tube analysis.

– Integrated waterproof design (up to 33 feet)
– 2-inch touch screen (on the back)
– 4K resolution at 30 fps
– 12 megapixel photos
– Video stabilization
– Stereo audio recording with wind-noise reduction
– Voice controls
– GoPro Plus

This camera is built for surf. You no longer need to worry about the waterproof housing, as this piece is designed for submersion. The LCD monitor will allow you to watch your clips in real time, so you can make sure you're getting deep enough in the tube. The resolution is only getting better, and the video stabilization will make your foamball ride into a non-seizure-inducing experience.

Hero 5 Session: $299

Small but powerful. The Tom Carroll of cameras.

– Integrated waterproof design (up to 33 feet)
– 4K Resolution at 30 fps
– 10 megapixel photos
– Video Stabilization
– Stereo audio recording with wind-noise reduction
– GoPro Plus

This slimmed-down version of the Hero 5 Black is a genuine bargain. $100 less than the Black and it offers almost all the same features. It lacks only the LCD monitor, 2 megapixels of camera resolution, and GPS. So you won't be able to watch your clips in the lineup, but that will give you more time to hunt down waves. This is a smart buy for any wallet-wary shoppers.

Another feature shared by the two cameras is the cloud software, or GoPro Plus, which allows pictures and videos to be uploaded directly to the cloud when plugged into outlet and connected to wifi. This will simplify the uploading and editing process, but it comes at a price of $4.99 per month.

Lastly, you can now start your filming without having to fumble around with those pesky buttons. Thanks to their new voice controls, a simple "start recording" will, in fact, start the recording. The one flaw I see with this is, what if you're in the barrel and your friend, who thinks he's hilarious, yells, "End recording!", and you lose all that tubular goodness? Also, perhaps the best voice command GoPro offers is, "That was sick!", which bookmarks the current recording so it's easy to find later on. I already say that after every wave though, which might be an issue.

Vroom, vroom bitches!

Now, the drone. GoPro has finally come out with it's own mini-heli, one that is directly compatible with both the Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session cameras. It is smaller than most drones, the perfect size to stuff into a backpack. Below are some of the key features.

Karma Drone: $799 a la carte, $999 with Hero 5 Session, $1,099 with Hero 5 Black

Stuff that in your JanSport!

– Compatible with any version of GoPro camera 4 or above.
– Can fly
– 3-axis camera stabilizer
– Game-pad style controller with LCD monitor
– Includes Karma Grip accessory for on-the-go droning

For the novice drone operator, this is the perfect tool. Easy to use, works great with GoPro cameras, and small enough to bring just about anywhere. For professional surf filming, this might not be your best bet. GoPro cameras look a little soft from the drone due to their lack of zoom, and you could definitely find better set-ups elsewhere, albeit with a significantly higher price tag.

All in all, these three products will help to further solidify GoPro as the premier POV camera company in the game. Polaroid be damned.