Great Expectations

In case you didn't hear yet –– which we very highly doubt considering every surf website, forecaster, E-mail inbox and bro in the lot has been raving about it for days now –– there's some waves on the way to California (yeah, finally). But since there are still a few days until it hits and you've probably already worn out every single method of flat day fun there is, we've gathered a few new ideas for those tough final days of lapping shorelines.

The 7.2 high tides greeting us every morning this week have made for some seriously plump lineups. But as Dane Reynolds and Dion Agius show here, that shouldn't stop you from punting. Check out Dion Agius' blog if you dig this vid. He's got all kinds of fun on there.

.TV/DION. FRANCE. Dane Reynolds and Dion Skimboarding. from GLOBE – Beren hall on Vimeo.

OK, so you've no doubt heard about them by now. Maybe even talked some shit –– but have you actually tried one? Don't wait until it's pumping to paddle one out. These small, glassy days are perfect for la la-ing. So don't knock it until you try it. And then knock it. Once you do try it, email us and let us know if you're a fan or you're going hippie-hunting and writing it off for life. Email:

Why not raise your Core Score while reeling in white pointers? Fishing for great whites from the beach while drinking six packs is a great way to pass those grueling final days before a swell. Besides, you even get a little water time when you paddle out the bait.

We've made it this far, and since you know it won't be good until the second swell of the series anyways, why not grab some beers, watch the pandemonium and get on it once you finish your beer can armor. Mmmm, beer and rock and roll, that's the ticket.

Or, if you want to be the first guy out when those first long period lines come marching down the coast, watch this video and set the alarm for dawn. Once at the peak, you'll no doubt find a bunch of guys with the enthusiasm of an Aussie ruler jacked up on VB out there with you. Have fun guys, we'll take the second shift.