Greg Long Is The Champion Of The World

The Big Wave World Tour is confusing.

The waiting periods are long. Some of the waves are obscure. The contests are labeled as “challenges.” The roster is revolving. The logistics are a nightmare. The season starts in April and ends in February. All of these things are rooted in reason, but it can be a bit befuddling for those who don’t follow it closely. That’s where we come in.

The 2015-2016 season finished yesterday and Greg Long was officially declared champion. Greg only competed in two events this year (Todos and Pe’ahi) but he found the podium in both of them and so his point total was higher than the rest — even though the BWWT factors in your top 3 results. Sounds dominative.

And what, exactly, does this win mean?

We’re not sure. Everyone already knows that Greg rules in big waves. Most people probably don’t know that he already won this same title in 2012, so it wouldn’t be fair to expect TWO TIME BIG WAVE WORLD CHAMPION to become prefixed to his name. All in all, it’s just a reaffirmation of Greg’s mastery of big waves and another chapter in the book of a quickly expanding side of surfing.

Good stuff indeed.